#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Fantasy

[dropcaps]J[/dropcaps]uly is The Multiracial Issue, and in wake of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks events and discussion, Girls in Capes invites guests to share five diverse books in different genres with our readers. Today, Ariel Kroon and K. D. Callaghan of Paper Droids share five diverse fantasy novels to add to your TBR pile.

Fantasy is a troubled genre for troubled times, picking and choosing…

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#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Cookbooks

If you were to ask us if our kitchens reflected the diversity we see around us, we would say yes, absolutely. A quick glance at the ingredients we keep on hand would probably convince you that we’re not kidding. Miso? Za’atar? Peanut oil? At least five types of flour? Of course! But when Girls in Capes asked us to think of our favorite American cookbook writers who demonstrate diversity, we had…

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REVIEW: Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

REVIEW: Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Author’s note: This review discusses Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall, and includes spoilers.

You know those “What I did on my summer vacation” essays that we had to write during the first few days of each new elementary school year? The ones where you tried to make camping in the backyard or taking a family trip sound like the most exciting thing ever? Well, the Garza girls…

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On Our List: July 2014

On Our List: July 2014

“I started watching the supernatural horror series Hemlock Groveduring my last semester in college, and seeing as it was a short made-for-Netflix series with 13 episodes in the first season, I blew through it fairly quickly. Season 2 was just released on the 11th, and so far I’m loving it. All the characters are in new places that are different from where we last saw them in season 1, and for the…

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More Things Godzilla Could Smash

More Things Godzilla Could Smash

We love Godzilla (who doesn’t?), and when Paper Droids posted their list of Things Godzilla Could Smash, we thought of plenty of other things we’d love to see a giant lizard rage-smashing.

The Oscars. For the most part, I was happy with the nominations and who came out with the golden guy. There’s one movie that they shut out that I’ll never forgive: Pacific Rim. I’m not saying it’s the greatest…

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Our Favorite Things: Mass Effect

Our Favorite Things: Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series has kept me hooked for going on four years now. There’s a number of reasons for this, like the engaging plot or the nearly unlimited player freedom, but what really keeps me coming back is how fully realized the Mass Effect universe is. There is a plethora of different alien races to meet, each with their own fully realized cultures and traditions. Of course, most science…

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REVIEW: Radiant by Karina Sumner-Smith

REVIEW: Radiant by Karina Sumner-Smith

Radiantis the first book in the Towers Trilogy, a series by debut author Karina Sumner-Smith. In it, our main character, Xhea, is a girl without magic – a very unusual thing in her world. For the citizens of the City, the rich are rich by virtue of having magic, so Xhea is left fending for herself in the Lower City like a bottom-feeder. Getting breakfast means scavenging for whatever crumbs she…

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Hyrule’s Rich Cultural Diversity in the Legend of Zelda franchise

Hyrule’s Rich Cultural Diversity in the Legend of Zelda franchise

Though not as common as it should be at this point in the gaming industry, it’s not entirely rare to see racial and cultural diversity in video games, especially in games with massive maps created for the gamers to explore. The immense quality of some of these worlds demands for the development of areas full of diverse characters and backgrounds, be it for the sake of differencing them,…

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The Star-Spangled Man: Recommended Captain America Readings

The Star-Spangled Man: Recommended Captain America Readings

This Fourth of July, it seems only fitting that there be a list of recommended Captain America trade paperbacks (TPB) for everyone to read post-movie. But what, if anything, are you specifically looking for? Want to see more of Cap and how he works on a team? Want to see more of Steve and Bucky together? Want to just know more about Steve and what makes him tick? Hopefully one or more the…

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Editor’s Letter: Without Limits

Editor’s Letter: Without Limits

In 2008, the US Census Bureau predicted that, by 2042, there will no longer be an ethnic majority in the United States.

Media outlets handled this news in different ways.  Bloomberg and Fox News reported that white Americans would become a racial minority; CNN and the New York Timesreported that current minorities would become the racial majority.  But the data estimates provided by the Census…

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