Six Podcast Episodes Devoted to Voice Actors

Six Podcast Episodes Devoted to Voice Actors

This month’s animation theme posed a slight dilemma—how do you find something related to animation to write about when you’re supposed to be focusing on audio mediums? But then the answer popped out of nowhere: those amazingly talented people known as voice actors.

Two of my favorite podcasts, Nerdist and Talkin’ Toons, have featured voice actors and animation, so I’ve picked three episodes from…

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On Our List: April 2014

On Our List: April 2014

“After years of coming across “Moisturize me” jokes, references to a numbered Doctor, and some admittedly creepy photos of stone angels that moved while you weren’t looking, I decided it was high time I took a ride in the Tardis and met this ever-changing Doctor that everyone keeps talking about. Doctor Whois a Sci-Fi classic of British TV that for 26 seasons before its end in 1989 and 7 more…

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Thought-Provoking Anime for the New-To-Anime Geek

Thought-Provoking Anime for the New-To-Anime Geek

If you’re not the sort of person who usually watches anime, it probably doesn’t seem like the sort of thing an intellectual geek might be into. As an anime geek myself, I’m perfectly aware of how non-viewers see anime: a load of slapstick, fanservicey shows with shallow plots, cardboard characters, and little to say about the real world.

I’m not going to deny there aren’t tons of anime series…

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REVIEW: Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy

REVIEW: Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy

Deviana “Devi” Morris is an armored mercenary who dreams of becoming a Devastator, which is why she takes a job on Brian Caldswell’s ship, the most notoriously dangerous job for a merc. But even though Devi’s a tough nut to crack, being in Caldswell’s employment may prove to be her undoing.

Regulars may recall I reviewed the first book in Rachel Bach’s Paradoxtrilogy, FORTUNE’S PAWN, last November

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The Evolution of the Disney Princess

The Evolution of the Disney Princess

Much like almost every other kid growing up in an Americanized culture during the 90’s, my first cartoons were Disney animated movies. The first bits of technology I dominated were the rewind and play buttons on the VCR, the first song I learned in English was a mangled version of A Whole New World and the first time I remember pretending to be anyone but myself was on my 4th birthday when my…

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5 Games With Cartoony Graphics

5 Games With Cartoony Graphics

Video games are composed of a lot of different elements. Gameplay and story come together to create a unique sensory experience, but the first thing people notice is usually the graphics.

In honor of our Animation Month I have compiled a list of five video games with cartoony graphics that you should definitely play (if you haven’t already). These games are memorable not just for their gameplay…

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Editor’s Letter: Like a Gateway Drug

Editor’s Letter: Like a Gateway Drug

I can remember my gateway to joining fandoms incredibly clearly. It happened when I was twelve years old and first started watching the Teen Titans cartoon on Cartoon Network.

Teen Titans wasn’t like any cartoon I’d watched before. Everything looked brighter, somehow, and the style was cartoonishly exaggerated in a way I hadn’t yet experienced. And, most importantly, it was the first cartoon I’d…

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A Strong Independent Woman: Part III

A Strong Independent Woman: Part III

In movies, some viewers are so used to the stereotypes for women that relegate them to lovesick sidekicks and damsels in distress that when the female characters do have the chance to take the lead and truly contribute to the story or value of the film, viewers constrict them with their own expectations as much as the stereotypes do.

It’s already hard enough for strong female characters to find a…

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March Madness: Champion

And the winner is…

A Strong Independent Woman: Part II

A Strong Independent Woman: Part II

When comparing TV shows to movies, cable TV not only surpasses Hollywood in the number of strong female characters, it also yields a bigger variety of definitions for it. Not all of these TV female characters are stuck trying to kick ass in order to be strong, though there are many shows that rely on having women characters kick ass to be respected, like Michonne (The Walking Dead), Sydney…

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